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NC levels - department targets

NC levels - pupil use

NC Levels - setting department targets

We are being told that to be in line with national averages, we need to have 49% at Level 6 or above by the end of Y9. Where can I find the national figures for KS3 results in MFL?

Jim's table gives the acurate figures ..  (link to DfES page but Jim's table is much clearer!) 20% are getting level 6 or above .... but I suppose that these are national figures, so an individual school would adjust targets according to the profile of their intake .. somehow extrapolating from the pattern of GCSE statistics obtained.  Has the person responsible for setting these percentages in your school explained how the figure was reached?
Good luck in your search for truth ....!!

NC levels - pupil use

Do I  have to mention levels to pupils when I am being observed?  Is this on the OFSTED checklist?

Charlotte's comment about ofsted checklist set me on a little webquest ....! I know that we have devised internal school 'checklists' which are based on ofsted forms / criteria, but the official evidence form as far as I can see makes no mention of reference to levels.

You can download the ofsted evidence form for class observation here

+ the guidance on se of evidence form here:

However, I can see how this is an easy way to communicate to the inspector that you are communicating objectives and making pupils conscious of making progress and how it is an esay way of managing other people to say 'you must mention levels' ... a bit like saying 'you must write the objective on the board' so that inspectors cannot possibly say that learning objectives were not shared with pupils ..

Whether or not it is the best set of indicators is another issue, which has already been discussed on other threads!