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Arsenal Language Double Club Launch

10th May 2007

Helen Myers

Karl Pfeiffer from the Goethe Institut kindly invited me along to this prestigious event, which I attended along with my colleague Alison Ashburner.

We had a great time, and we have returned brimming over with ideas!

The absolute highlight for the pupils and the adults was the appearance of the great man himself, Arsène Wenger!  Click here to see him tell us why languages can help us.

On the same day, I received notification from Ewan McIntosh that there was a windows PC compatible beta version of 'Comic Life' to try out.  So I couldn't  resist .....!

I created a comic strip version of the day, started to panic when I clicked 'print' and the message came up after about 4 hours' work 'Comic life out of memory' .. then I played with all the export options.

Click here to see the pages via html launcher (double click on the image, then click 'next page' to go through the 12 pages)

Click here to see a 'movie' version of the comic.

To install a Beta version of Comic Life and try it yourself, follow this link.

For a good old fashioned authentic reading comprehension about legendary Arsenal Players, click here for the 'source' and here for the questions.  There's more to come!