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We were absolutely delighted that so many people responded to our invitation - nearly 100! - gathered together for an enjoyable Saturday morning amongst fellow language enthusiasts!  The committee was on quite a 'high' following the event!  

The inspirational and generous speakers have very kindly offered to make their presentations available on this site.  Thanks to Mike and Neil for making this such a worthwhile event.

Dates / info which we mentioned at the event and which may interest people (or please pass on to people who may be interested):

Asian & Community languages annual event - Saturday March 4th - link to info:

Spanish Day - Saturday 25th February + 3 other recommended events:

Whiteboard Training at Dulwich College: Tuesday 7th March: (scroll down) 

ALL 'Language World' conference:Friday & Sat 7th & 8th April: (then see top right link) 

Proposed date for next London event: Saturday June 10th 

Open meeting for those in adult education: 11/2/06 - contact Linda Parker : [email protected] Association for Language Learning members who want to put their views / concerns on 14-19 entitlement, contact Linda Parker on above email.

Top Tips

The committee talked about their 'top tips'.  Here they are:

Helen: go home and try out the new BBC Digital JAM for KS3 French:

Your comments

Rather than write what WE thought, it would be nice to have comments from those who attended.  So if those attended feel 'moved' to contribute, please do so by contacting the Webmistress, who will publish nice positive comments and take note of constructive questions or suggestions ...!!  We are collecting the comments on another page: click here to see the comments so far!


Stéphane Derône carried out his role as photographer superbly - aided by a snazzy little camera!. The photos are on display on the following pages.  If anyone is unhappy about their face appearing, just let the Webmistress know and she will remove the photos / face ... no questions asked!

It would be nice to put names to faces, so could those who attended look through the photos and  contact the Webmistress to  

(1) let us know where you are, [e.g. " I'm the photogenic one on page one,row 4, column 1) and 

(2) say if you are willing to have your first name, establishment/contact details and special language interests referenced on the site.  (This picks up on a Good Idea from Gwerfyl that we support more 'networking' amongst members of the branch.)

If anyone has any suitable captions to the photos, perhaps you'd like to suggest some!  (Helen has included some for starters!)

To help with loading time of pages, we've spread the photos over 7 pages.

Here goes: