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Annual General Meeting & INSET on current developments in MFL

November 20th 2004


These photos give a 'flavour' of our action-packed Saturday morning Annual General Meeting which offered training of the highest quality thanks to our presenters: Kathy Wicksteed (Specialist Schools' Trust), Karl Pfeiffer (Goethe Institute) and Jeff Lee (Barking & Dagenham LEA), followed by a useful Annual General Meeting, very well run by our dynamic Chairperson and Secretary (....despite hunger pangs!!).


Messages from Webmistress:

Apologies to Kathy ... the photo was fuzzy! I'll take a photo next week to insert here!

If anyone would like me to remove their photo / adjust captions - please let me know.  You have rights!  No questions asked!


Unedited notes taken by Helen will follow the photos shortly..   

Above: Claire Jones presents a token of our appreciation to the Goethe Institute for offering their lovely facilities free of charge as our venue
Above: two of our most long-standing members of the branch: Giovanna and .... An opportunity to obtain useful literature, have a chat, and browse publisher stands over a glass of wine
The Webmistress manages to capture some portraits of committee members (current and future!)  who have previously escaped her camera! (and tries again, in vain, to get a decent one of Nick!)
Below: Jeff signs up Vivien, the founder member of his fan club.  

(You had to be there!)

A chance to chat and probe! Below: Our Goethe Institute hosts: Karl (in deep debate with Julia) ......
Karl Pechatscheck, Deputy Director of the Goethe Institute .... and Katherina
Some shots from our lively AGM 


The programme:

Saturday 20th November 2004,  9.30 – 13.15


50 Princes Gate London SW7 2PH

(Nearest underground stations: South Kensington or Knightsbridge - map at bottom of this page)


9.30 Registration & tea/coffee

10.00 Modern Foreign Languages – The national picture

This session will address issues faced by MFL teachers at this current point in time, with particular reference to the role of Specialist Schools.

The speaker is Kathy Wicksteed from The Specialist Schools Trust (Specialism and Vocational Networks). Kathy has also been appointed President Elect of ALL.

10.45 News from the Goethe-Institut

Karl Pfeiffer of the Goethe-Institut will provide an information update.

11.15 MFL at KS2 – View from a Pathfinder LEA

In this session, the focus will be upon the findings and experiences of one of the 19 Pathfinder LEAs, as all schools prepare to offer languages at Primary level.

The speaker is Jeff Lee, General Inspector, MFL - Barking and Dagenham LEA. Lead Author for Key Stage 3 Framework MFL and manager of the LEA’s Pathfinder team.

12.00 Discussion of issues raised and questions to speakers followed by any special announcements

12.15 Refreshments will be served, followed directly by AGM (free)

IGoethe-Institut London
50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road
London SW7 2PH
Tel.: + 44 (20) 75 96 40 00
Fax: +44 (20) 75 94 02 40
Leitung: Dr. Ulrich Sacker
[email protected]

MAP .... Goethe Institute is just under the red letters 'SW7'.  (Your Webmistress needs a lesson on how to highlight within an image - she's given up after 20 minutes' fiddling!!)