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The All January Event 2015

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to such a lovely event.  Here's a link to the description.

Here is a link to our Flickr album, capturing the lively atmosphere.

Thanks to Carmen for the sweetie pic!


Renata Albuquerque and Mr Perparim Tashi arranged for us to use the  lovely Brunei Suite of SOAS. Thanks so much!

We are really grateful to our sponsors who paid for our  refreshments, organised by Stéphane Derone.   ABC Awards - Ardmore Educational Travel - Goethe Institute - Linguascope - Maison Claire Fontaine - Oxford University Press - Pearson - Thisislanguage - Vocab Express

Our introduction to Indonesian language and culture was conducted in OUTSTANDING fashion by Zac.  We were engaged, entertained and made exceptional progress thanks to his imaginative techniques! 

Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings and Nadine Chadier made a wonderful ALL début  sharing great strategies for primary teachers. Presentation here.

Helen Myers and Nick Mair gave a briefing on changes ahead for secondary languages and current issues regarding analysing and interpreting data. Presentation here.

The morning was rounded off with an absolutely brilliant session from Steven Fawkes on Using Literature. Presentation  here.

Nick helped students prepare for interview and Helen chaired the AGM including giving a report on 2014 before Nadine shared a home made Galette des Rois (with sporting Nathan calling the numbers from under table, as befits tradition!).  Finally the stalwarts repaired to a local restaurant for more chat.

Here are some comments from teachers after the event in answer to the question 'What did you enjoy?'

The literature session was brilliant for ideas about how to actually use texts in classrooms
lots of information and practical ideas
Everything!  Nick and Helen essential info; really enjoyed learning Indonesain; Steven Fawkes very helpful
All talks fabulous, but especially loved the literature
Steven as always
Great speakers, fun, informative
Great ideas for primary
Fun, interactive, full of useful information.  No improvement needed!
Great to meet other inspiring teachers and learn more
All the ideas!

Thanks to mflresources for your kind comments.  Here are some extracts:

'Thank you Helen, committee and speakers for an excellent morining.  And thank you to the sponsors for very welcome refreshments. (Ruth)

It was a simply lovely morning. Excellent speakers, superb sponsors and the opportunity to speak to like-minded individuals. 
I have just commented to my Twitter friends that I used to feel so lonely as a teacher before I got involved with ALL. Being a member has changed life totally since I can now rely on a group of professionals with informed opinions.
If you happen to be a student teacher reading this, do consider joining us. There is a very favourable student subscription, and I can promise that you will never look back.  (Prim)

I can still remember today the Indonesian we learned - Zak was a great teacher!!! (Sharon)

I agree. Lots of information, coffee and sweets. A very productive moment. (Carmen)