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ALL London Webinar March 14

See full details on Eventbrite site here [Copied at the bottom of this page]


EVENT FULL: 100 Places already taken and 32 on the waiting list.. BUT .. Thanks to our good friend Heike Philp, all can follow the webinar on Livestream even if they are not in 'the room'.

If you have a place, go to the ALL London Adobe Connect room for a prompt start at 1600.  Arrive any time from 1500.

If you do not have a place, you can follow the webinar on Livestream here.  You will need to log in or create a log in for Livestream, so please leave enough time to do this.

To find out about or refresh your memory about attending a meeting in Adobe Connect, see the Google Doc, or download it here from this site or read it on our Webinar info page.


Get training in the comfort of your own home!

WHERE? Just follow this link to take your screen to ALL London's online 'Webinar Room' which can hold up to 100 people. No software download required! Enter as Guest; Type your real name; No password needed; (Do not enter with a login and password). If you would like to 'test out' the room beforehand, please try the link the previous Sunday (16th March 1600) and/or join an hour beforehand and Helen Myers will be there to guide you! You can sit back and just watch ... or if you want to, you can sit back and contribute. It's up to you!

WHAT? Joe Dale talks to us about how to use iPADS to promote speaking and listening skills in language learning. Even if you do not hav ean iPAD, you may get ideas for any mobile devices you use, and you will also experience what it is like to be trained 'online'. You will see Joe, you will hear Joe, you can text Joe ... and if you are brave, at the end, you may even get to speak to him! Joe Dale is an internationally renowned Independent modern foreign languages and technology consultant. He hosts the TES MFL forum and was short-listed for NAACE Impact Award 2013 for Curriculum Support. He is also a very good friend and loyal supporter of ALL London, and we are very grateful for his contributions.