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Greg Horton Special III !

We are saving this space for a report from our resident roving reporter, Rodney Mantle, who is writing a description of the great morning we spent together with the inspiring Greg Horton. 



Let's keep the fire burning by sharing what we do via for example::

mflresources forum (Please join .. a friendly forum where it is easy to follow (or avoid!)  threaded conversations, attach and download files, and this is moderated by ALL memebrs)
Twitter (@SylvieBRawlings did some great live tweets with the tag #ALLLondonBranch)
TES forum etc.  .   Meanwhile ... a few memories ...!
Powerpoint part 1
Powerpoint part2

I forgot to give out the feedback forms, so please let me know directly of any suggestions for another time.

Ideas I have already gleaned ..

We need some way of identifying people we know already 'online' ...perhaps invite people to bring a pic + name to post on a wall, or collect before the event
We need to establish a hashtag before the event (Perhaps #ALLLondon ?)
We need a system for allowing people to collect each other's contact details easily and share resources later (Perhaps a wiki page / all joining mflresources and sharing that way?)


Greg and the Bexhill Group Talk Fans!  Click on the photo to see more photos! I found her!  The famous Mrs Del Rio, from Hitchin Boys' School - star of the ALL London 'Show and Tell' at Language Show Live! 

(But I've lost her email - please get in touch Mrs Del Rio!!!)

What an inspiration Greg was!  Here are some links from the day.  Please email Helen with any other links to add!

Photos from the day from Helen's Flickr account.  If you want any removed just email her - no need to say why, questions asked!
Download of Greg's 4-stage approach to Group Talk.  (Thanks Javier!)
Teachfind page - links to a video and a variety of resources prepared by Greg
Liz Fotheringham spoke about how she has translated phrases into Chinese.  Here is her blog.
Case study on molan site
ALL Diary 2013-14