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The Greg Horton Special: Group Talk

Saturday March 10th 2012

We were absolutely delighted that Greg offered to do a follow up to his inspiring session in January and this page is dedicated to giving links to his work and recording how we all follow it up. We have already booked him in again for Saturday January 15th 2013 when we can have a workshop where people share what they have done.

Many thanks to everyone who made it such a success ...
Cat Fox and her colleagues for allowing us to use Westminster Academy as a venue. . what an amazing building!
The site staff of Westmionster academy for ensuring everyhting went smoothly
The committee for being there early an dstaying on late to set up and clear away
The 70 teachers who came along at very short notice!

But most of all, of-course ...
Greg Horton for an entertaining, funny, stimulating, thoughtful, realistic, engaging workshop.  The applause just went on and on and on ....!  We hope this made up in some way for the fact that he missed his football match for us!!!

See Helen;s Flickr account for some photos .. as usual, let her know if any need to be removed. . no questions asked!

Download the A3 sheet outlining stages of Group Talk here