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ALL London Webinar June 2011 Report!

Saturday 25th June 2011 saw the inauguration of ALL London’s Webinar room and a good time was had by all!  A recording of the event is here.

John Connor,who did a fantastic presentation to how to use music in the classroom, illustrating his talk with a powerpoint, recordings and performance.  What a great speaker, and what a great musician! This man is going to go far!
Heike Philp .. organiser extraordinaire who has shown Helen how to use Adobe Connect and offered to be on hand to assist.  Her help was invaluable as she welcomed people into the room and gently guided us all through the technology.  Her reward was to meet John, and she is clearly aiming to be his artistic agent ….!
Nathan Jones, who has created a neat ‘certificate of attendance’
 but most of all .. thanks to
The Webinar Pioneers .. those brave souls from all corners of the planet (.. well, up ad down the UK + Germany + New Zealand + Normandy at least!! …)  who courageously clicked the link to bring them into the Webinar room, and then helped to make the atmosphere really buzz with encouraging, good-humoured comments and banter. 
Some of their comments received during the conference, and within minutes of it ending:
 are at the end of this post, and you are invited to add any other comments via the blog!
Our next planned webinar will be 10:00 – 11:00 on Saturday 24th September  2011 as a prelude to the  European Day of Languages, with, amongst other things, invited presenter Joe Dale talking about whizzy IT stuff.  Please put the date in your diary now!!!
If anyone has any ideas / requests / offers, just get in touch with ALL London!
This was brilliant. Thanks for organising it, Helen and Heike. (Carolyn)
Isn’t he good?! So impressed. Thanks Helen. (Prim)
I so agree! That was a great presentation by John and then playing with Adobe was a hoot! (Lisa xx)
Hear hear! A very informative presentation, with great entertainment value, especially the group rendition of Frere Jacques!! :-) )
Seriously many thanks Helen, will be attending the next one in pyjamas again. (Helen J)
It was excellent. Many thanks Helen. Lots of brilliant ideas. My computer kept crashing though which was a shame. I’ll be attending the next one too. Helen Mc
Yes, my computer kept on freezing too! Songs are great…I’d recommend the latest version of Frere Jacques, by Helen Myers and her Merrimen   ;-) (Dani Bourdais)
What a good way to spend a rainy June morning. Well done Helen and Heike for organising and hats off (though later it was on) to John for being such a cool and collected ‘performer’. I can’t wait for the next one.  (I apologise for Hugo’s shyness….he is mainly visual)  (Stuart) 
Really interesting. I think I shall show this to my department soon and we can all take notes! Thank you to one and all. (Steve Smith)

Joining instructions

An ALL London Webinar 10:00-11:00 [GMT+1], Saturday June 25th 2011

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You are invited to

An ALL London Webinar


Saturday June 25th 2011, 10:00 – 11:00 am [GMT+1]

to be held here:

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Provisional Outline Programme

Prior to the date:  We strongly advise that you follow the link to check that you have access to the room (see separate guidelines below). Someone will be on hand Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th 8pm – 9 pm

9.00 Room opens – someone will be there to welcome you and help you familiarise yourself with the room if you have not been there before

10.00 Welcome

Helen Myers, Chair of ALL London. Welcome & Introductions & Webinar walk-through!

10.10 – 10.50 « Using songs in Language Learning »

John Connor (Independent Consultant).

John is an very experienced, entertaining, articulate and well-known member of the language-teaching community in the UK, contributing a great deal to the Twittersphere, online meetings, ‘Show and Tell’ sessions .. and BBC phone-in programmes ! Following his legendary performance of ‘A Brown Bear’ at Southampton’s Links event, we just HAD to ask him (and his ukulele) to come and present to us ! This session will be relevant to you whatever your sector, and whatever your language.

10.50 – Question / Answer Time.

The opportunity to respond / give your own ideas / sing us a song if you’d like to.

11.00 – whenever you like: Playtime in the Webinar Room.

A chance for you to experiment with audio / webcams / text chat if you’d like to! Feel free to prepare a song to sing to us!

It would help to know in advance the likely numbers involved, so please request access to our wiki (we’ll try to learn how to make this open!) … and sign up here:

where you will also find links to help you learn about Webinar rooms.

We look forward to welcoming you there!