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Language Show Live 2011

We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and making friends at this year's Language Show Live held at Olympia, London.

Here are downloadable copies of documents handed out at our sessions:

ALL London Events Calendar
Invitation to The Ashcombe School ICT day
Reference sheets for ICT (Helen's session on Saturday)
Reference sheets for Second Life (Helen's session on Sunday)

Here are some pictures which capture the spirit of the event. We especially appreciated being able to organise the 'Show and Tell' which drew a big crowd at the end of a busy Saturday.  Thanks especially to Joe Dale for managing the ICT side of this!

 It was great that so many joined us for a social in the pub afterwards, sponsored by Vocab Express and Edexcel.

Helen gave a talk on Second Life on the Sunday and was delighted to be with good SL friends: The Languagelab team and Graham Stanley (whose great new book 'Digital Play' has just been published .. Helen is really enjoying reading her signed copy!)

The show was a great success (nearly 10,000 visitors over the three days) and we hope that the Show and Tell will become a 'permanent fixture'!

These pictures are downloadable from Helen's flickr account.  If anyone would like any of them removed, just email Helen.  No probkems, no questions, she'll just remove them!  Any suggested captions / names / links to what you were talking about, email Helen please or add then to our wiki!

Joe Dale holds court Mark Purves ... gets us singing!
  Jen Turner Bob Knowles
Saira Ghani    
The Real Keenies who stayed to the end of the show! Special guest appearance: Graham Stanley all th eway from Barcelona!  
Steve Glover Suzi Bewell Carol Hughes
Serena Dawson Prim Herridge Isabelle Jones
Alex Bellars Joe Dale  
Down the Albion ...   Justin Sycamore or Vocab Express
  Stephane Derone (wearing yellow - quelle surprise!) Nick Mair speaks to the future
  Gareth - thanks for helping on the ALL stand!  
  Karl Pfeiffer  
Amici italiani! Graham Stanley on Sunday Team Language Lab!