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London Language Show 2010

Click here to see the invitation shared prior to the event.

It was great to see so many friends and to make new ones at this year's Language Show.

ALL London was particularly  involved in 3 events described below

Photo Album begins here

ICT without Tears.

Helen promoted ALL events in her session.  As promised to those who did not get copies, here are quick links to downloads of the documents distributed at the session.

Key references from the talk (the big white document!)
Second Life references
Invitation to Ashcombe Workshops
Invitation to ICT event - Saturday November 20th
Invitation to January Event - Saturday 22nd January 2011

The Show and Tell session. 

Many thanks to the organisers of The Language Show for trusting us to try out a new venture - inviting people to come to a session where they could offer to give a 2-minute idea with everyone else.  We feel it went really really well .. drawing teachers from all sectors and all languages .. 'All pulling together'... and we really hope they'll let us do this again next year!  Those who were involved may want to suggest this to the organisers!  We were especially pleased that so many people from the English language teaching community joined us and made friends.  Perhaps next year we could very explicitly badge this as a session which really is for all sectors, all ages and all languages .. including English.

Helen cajoled people into putting their names into a bag.  An ideal number of offers meant that everyone had a go at standing up to give a 2-minute maximum 'idea' for language teaching.  5 names announced at a time mean that there was a smooth flow and maximum use made of precious time!  Thanks so much to the brave volunteers who obediently yelled into the microphones to make themselves heard over the rest of the show!  Thanks to the audience who through smiles, nodding and tracking (a new concept we learnt from Leanne at the PGCE event ... watch your speaker - make them feel listened-to!) made their experience  more comfortable!

Joe has considerable experience in these sessions, organised the IT projection and encouraged everyone to come along and join in.  He ended the session by congratulating those who participated in the Language Olympics Challenge.  The Winners were announced and applauded! Full results are here.

First Place: Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls
Second Place: Handsworth Grammar School
Third Place: Wallington High School for Girls

Well done!

The session ended with Justin Sycamore from Vocabexpress inviting to buy us a drink at The Tournament pub where Edexcel footed the bill for some nice warm nibbles.  Thanks Alistair!

Our Social

We then had a lovely evening together - talking (thanks to all), eating (thanks Edexcel), drinking (thanks Vocabexpress), quizzing (thanks Cat), juggling (thanks Justin) and photographing!  Evidence below ....

Our family photo album.

Please mail  Helen (1) for copies in full resolution [Apologies - she had not checked the camera settings - lots of red-eye, blob in the middle of the lens, and reduced versions do not do justice to the beauty of the people featured!  (2) if you'd like any photos/captions removed/edited/expanded (Helen not always concentrating on content!) (3) if you can supply names of people [missing: Francesa, Rosie Amos and Haleh I think - sorry!]

Video coming soon including the announcement of the European Language Olympics

New venue: Earls Court Danièle Reed - Helen's constant travelling companion and friend! Helen Enfin! Karelia Kondor (aka Helen) meets Dirk Beatty (aka Jeremy Harmer)
Our English Language teaching friends and Twitterers: Jamie, SharonSue, British Council, Jeremy and Amanda (with the lovely smile!) Edith Paillat  (aka Cyber Placebo) came all the way from NZ for our session!  Great idea for grammatically colour-coded flashcards to reinforce language learnt the last lesson.  Each pupils have a card and they construct a sentence. Vicky Prior uses wallwisher - see her blog here. She went on to win a great prize at the social later on ...
Helen being ever so slightly bossy ...   Suzi Bewell The waiting room ... (they came up 5 at a time!)
Appreciative crowd! Joe manages the IT requirements! days of the week with culturally referenced actions!  
A timeline idea Introducing ... Karl Pfeiffer ... ALL's national President.  He promotes the Double Club and hints at an exciting project connected to the Olympics.
Valerie McIntyre (as featured on Radio 4's 'You and Yours') with a KS4 idea Chris Fuller - how to invade pupils' iPODS and extend their learning via podcasts Kirsty Chapman from Kent! (Helen finally committed her details to memory) Octavia Bosanquet - PGCE student at IoE
makes us laugh when she confesses ... she thought she was entering her name for a raffle! (This woman will go far!) Rob Weston from Oxford recommends using videos and cameras in lessons Mark Purves sings!  See his blog!
Angelo Maclean  loves this conjugation website! Juliet Park shares her ideas about the NVQ and offer follow up - mail her! Thwarted mum checks up on her friends Isabelle Jones in the wings
Beautifully prepared slides from Isabelle of sites she uses.  Follow her list on Diigo! Annalise Adam talks about Edmodo and Twitter A spontaneous idea for teaching days of the week in a classical fashion from Neil McQueen Saira's début - fantastic!
Marie France Perkins in full flow! Prim Herridge gets us acting! Man at C&A  
A collection of new faces! Great to see you! (They got the chicken nuggets ...) Liz, Sue, Barry, Jeremy and Jamie featured here!    
Karl introduces his new colleague (thanks to her for the photos of show and tell!) Happy staff at The Tournament Justin Sycamore from Vocabexpress (who bought our drinks) with Angleo Our friends from the south west ...!
Joe relaxing at last!  No IT duties tonight!   Rob Fiona, Suzi and Saira
The dynamic duo - Juliet & Wendy with their friedn CHris! Mark Purves Cat Fox meets her Spanish teachers by chance at the show!  A happy trio.
Dynamic Carole Nicoll who rounded off the show and tell with a great song! Attempt at arty photo! (Failed, but hey ..)   Secretaries - Kathleen, present ... Danièle, future!
Look at that for engagement!     Justin get u s all juggling ....
There must be some great captions for these    ..  
      We were truly impressed by Justin's performance!
Cat announces the winners of the table quiz she had prepared fo rus! Peer assessment Reflection speculation
the boys in the back row consolidation area of proximal development area of proximal drinking
rewards     VICKY PRIOR, THE WINNER!!!! (Thanks to Goethe Institut for the prize!)
The Bradford Babes .. and Jeremy Karelia and Dirk tango Jamie Zhang - great to meet you!