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ALL Language World 2008

As President this year, your Webmistress could not go around annoying people with her camera, so she left it to others .... and they have made a wonderful job of it! (Special thanks to Joe Dale &  Lisa Stevens  for their pictures). Thanks SO much to everyone who made the conference such a success!

See below for photos (of the venue (the beautiful Queens College Oxford), the OUP reception, the sessions and the socials) & comments & links to sources & notes and resources from sessions.

The Venue: Queen's College Oxford

OUP reception -thanks to Dick Capel-Davies for hosting us

Sessions - great speakers, great participants, great organisers!

  The Ewan McIntosh Set!  
Dr Lid King Marie-France at London's Show & Tell  
Geoff Brammall Oxford Show & Tell René
  René Koglbauer, Chair of Oxford ALL, gets a makeover!  
Which photo will make it to the Vincent Everett page?  Cast your vote here Vincent!!!! 2
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Professor David Crystal, our Patron   Presidential Plenary & AMM
The Badge! The technology (we had a great, reliable technician - thanks!) The Programme
Kathy & her RSAs' calling cards! Joe's presentation Podcasting
Steven Fawkes 

(with + without jacket)

(with trousers both times)

Download outline talk here

Lesley's session + real students!
Mick Waters Thanks Rodney and Barbara! Therese Comfort


Vox Pops (click on the picture to see them spring to life .. !)  Thanks for filming these, Joe!

NB: Videos are.MOV files - they can play through QuickTime.  Also, they don't open in a separate window (I don't know how to do that .. help!!) .. so click 'back' to return to this page!


Marie France ..
I have enjoyed attending Language World, well worth giving up a couple of days in my holidays and to be able to attend both days. The speakers were inspirational.

I went to Listening Skills with Richard Roberts who made us do a listening exercise from an unknown language. it is amazing how much I could understand and how well I answered the questions. He had a set of questions starting with recognising sounds, recognising how many times you can hear a word, general questions about where the conversation take place and the age of participants etc to more specific questions.

I attended Ewan McIntosh's on Thinking outside the xbox. I have never played computer games, I have always leave this to my (now adult) children but I was very interested by the way he is exploiting games to get students writing and commenting in the Target Language. He has posted information on his blog, I think that it will certainly get the students going.

I always like to attend Steven Fawkes' sessions about Language learners being creative with their language. He showed how to build vocabulary with single words. How to use sign language to remember vocabulary. this is something that I always do in my lessons and Steven always has a song so singing je n'ai pas de pommes was great.

Wendy Adeniji session on using Rhymes, songs and sounds to teach and reinforce phonic sounds was interesting and she had a lot of resources to share with us- however I am very keen on the use of sounds and have already used a lot of her techniques but it was well done and I got some new ideas.

The London Show and tell was good, Stéphane Derone showed us how to use authentic material, Nick Mair talked about presentation and how boys and girls perceive colours., Monna Brown shared some tips on how to keep them occupied, Lisa Stevens was her own enthusiastic self and showed us the marvellous work she does with her primary school students. I was going to speak about my use of authentic material but I prepared my PowerPoint on Window 2007 and was not able to open my presentation!!! --(excuses excuses)

There were also some very inspiring major talks and plenary. And to make these 2 days even better, I won £3500 for my school from the publishers. I am now waiting for my National Lottery win!!!

What I enjoy about the ALL conferences is that there is so much to share and you make so many new friends!!!

Paul Howard's comments on the TES forum ...
My first conference: fascinating. I met some tremendously talented people and was made to feel very welcome. I am definitely joining up - will be 50 quid well spent! Thanks to everyone who I met and in particular to Helen Myers who presided over the event some an imperial majesty! See you ALL next year did you see what I did there? ;-)
Tim's comments (on mflresources\)
At Language World 2008 I saw a talk by Vincent Everett, who showed of his resource for getting pupils from 0-L5 in 50 minutes, while I would not say that this is wholly true, his approach is definitely one I will be using as it is fun and it gives the kids a fantastic means to develop a dialogue... so for your speaking help have a look at his website: .....
Some other comments ...
Dear Helen I was fortunate enough to win a free place to attend Language World this year and very much enjoyed myself. I came two years ago, as an NQT, and found it hugely valuable then, in the same way as I did this time! The conference was brilliant and the sessions that I attended were marvellous - I have already started trying to apply the Podcasting techniques that Joe so clearly articulated to us all! It was also fantastic to be able to experience the fantastic city of Oxford.... The information about the new KS3 will be hugely useful and I do now feel considerably less "in the dark!". Thank you to you and all others involved in the organisation of the event - a resoundingly successful weekend. Sarah
Many congratulations on an outstanding conference this weekend. .... I thought that the quality of the sessions was better than ever! Duncan
a huge congratulations on the success of LW over the weekend .It was REALLY good .... Cynthia
Congratulations again on your Conference. I heard plenty of good things about it from old and new hands! Steven
Je suis vraiment contente d'être allée à Oxford. Mon cerveau est encore un peu au ralenti mais la nuit fut bien reposante!!! Danièle
I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak at yesterday’s conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very helpful to attend other sessions and to meet colleagues from schools and universities all over the country. Alison
.... Can I say I did enjoy Oxford at the weekend. I went back to school and said I would be applying to attend next year again -... . I think it is great putting names to faces, meeting people again and just sharing you ideas and concerns as well..... Carol
It was a good Conference and one of the highlights for me was to hear Prof David Crystal. I wish that he could have spoken for longer and perhaps to have spoken as an after-dinner speaker as well. It is always stimulating hearing new ideas and meeting new people.
 – plenty of issues for further action! It was also really nice to be back in Oxford for the conference. It is an excellent venue.
I went to the Friday session. It was great and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in languages. Huge thanks to all involved in the organisation and all the speakers!!

Links to sources

Here are some links and comments .. please feel free to email me with any other contributions.  I'll be adding the few pictures I managed to take and would be very grateful for any presentation Powerpoints etc which people could access here to refresh their memories.

Joe Dale' Photo set. Great pictures on Flickr (103 of them!) which tell the story of the event (and give training in ICT  simultaneously)
Joe Dale's Video set 15 'vox pops' which give an audio visual flavour of the event
Joe Dale's Video of Helen Helen lost marks on the 'presentation' and went over the 90 seconds .. here's the full version!  (Sorry and thanks Joe!!)
Joe Dale getting ready for the conference  
Joe Dale's session Step by step Podcasting - a great link to all his show notes .. this is wonderful Joe! (especially since I could not go).
José Picardo's blog José / AsiSeHace  .. great to see you again and thanks for your comments / ideas (Pity you missed Lesley's session which was in parallel  with ours .. it sounded fantastic with REAL LIVE STUDENTS talking about how they used ICT ... Lesley is invited every year, so we must ask her to return especially for you!)
Lisa Steven's Photostream on Flickr Thanks Lisa for your incredible enthusiasm - for your contributions to the ALL London 'Show and Tell' (and for the really arty photo of Queen's College reflected in the convex mirror above!)
Lisa Steven's Blog entries Thursday 10th April
Marie-France Perkins' comments Marie-France - you SO deserved the £3,500 prize ... thanks for preparing a session for us (!) .. thanks for all you contribute to mflresources forum .. but especially thanks fro all you do for ALL in your local branch and at the conference.  Love your blog.
Paul Howard's comments It was Paul's first conference - he's joined ALL - welcome!
Vincent Everett's session resources 0-5 in 50 minutes ... he did it!  Tim recommends his session.
Vincent Everett interviewed by Joe Dale He's a star isn't he?!
Tim's comments on Vincent Everett  

Notes and resources from sessions.

Many thanks to contributors who have made their notes / powerpoints available here.

ALL London Show & Tell

Strip Bingo - Danièle Reed  explains!

Last Saturday at the ALL London show and Tell (Oxford conference), someone mentioned a class game called strip bingo. I've just found a copy explaining it. I use it and can assure that everybody loves it!

Give each pupil a piece of A$ paper which is then divided lengthways so that each pupil has a long strip of paper. each strip is then folded three times to provide eight boxes. to take animals as an example, each pupil chooses eight different animals from the list s/he has been taught, writing the English equivalent in the boxes. the teacher reads out the list of animals in the target language while each pupil concentrates on two words at a time; the first animal on her/his list and the final one. when the word is heard the pupil needs to tear off the word from that list. Another word has taken the first (or last) place on this list. the teacher continues to read out the vocabulary. the winning pupil is s/he who has torn off all the animals on her/his list, leaving eight separate cards.


Carol Hughes continues ...

I tend to get the pupils to divide their paper into five boxes as I find that makes the game run faster. Once you have one winner they can put the individual pieces of paper in front of them and you can run a second very quick game and get a second winner. I have found it particularly good with boys (we teach boys and girls separately) as they have to listen and it has a fast pace. Glad your pupils like it.. Carol

Lesley Welsh 'Exciting events for more motivation'

Download her PowerPoint slides here

Thanks for passing this on, Lesley!

Vincent Everett '0-5 in 50 minutes'

Link to his resource page.

Steven Fawkes: Creativity

Download his notes here on Creative Principles.  He has also provided an extract from an article on the same subject here.

Presidents' Plenary

Download the PowerPoint here.

Mick Waters' Plenary

Download Powerpoint here.