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ALL West of England Branch Event March 2007 

The chALLenge to include

Account written by Helen Myers.

I  was invited by ALL West of England branch to give a talk on 'What are the issues faced by Language Teachers?' and a talk on ICT.

The branch is very well organised, lively and friendly, and the efficient committee and keen members were very kind to me and to my best friend, Charlotte (a food technology teacher).  (You'll see later on why that detail had to be given ....!)  I was particularly impressed at the turn out, given that it was a Saturday full of exciting sporting fixtures, including England/Wales, available on High Definition TV!!

The event was held in the fantastic surroundings of a new secondary school: Bradley Stoke Community School.  We were all incredibly impressed by the design and maintenance of the facilities.  The staff and pupils must feel really proud to be part of such a school which is run by a good friend and former committee member of this ALL branch, Dave Baker.  Good news to know we have nice Headteachers 'on side'!

Here are some photos (-thanks to Marie-France who sent me hers!)

Members gather in the impressive hall with its bleacher seating
All the equipment provided! Charlotte is hand-out monitor!
Marie-France - great to meet you at last! Lively coffee break
ICT talk in a lively bright classroom
A very well-behaved class! Steph Byrne, teacher at the school and committee member, 2nd from the left
Jenny Hampshire - organised us all expertly! Rhian - ALL West's Treasure
Becky James Becky James and her TA meet the chALLenge to include
Helen and Charlie ... tealadies extraordinaires!
Jenny in control John McNutt from Asset
Kath Havland - secretary and door-keeper for the day! Debbie Richards- coordinator of the Bristol Bordeaux exchange
Lorraine Johnson Peter Spain - Bath and North-East Somerset adviser (thanks for saying nice things, carrying my stuff and for the severe grading support!!)
Registration Rhian again!
Steph Byrne - works at this lovely school.
Charlotte absolutely thrilled to find her dream technology room (-her own school is about to benefit from a re-build-) and a very helpful member of staff ready to give a tour!  Thanks so much!  This next section is dedicated to Charlotte!!  (who wants to show it to her school!)
And finally, one last peek of the school- what beautiful curves!