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Examinations Hall Voici un arbre

(see - this content does come in handy sometimes!  See how many YOU can spot in the pages which follow!)

Posh entrance
Getting ready for the main sessions in the Hall
Time to network over lunch
Dr Lid King This one will be put in my Christmas letter!!
Dr Lid King and Lord Ron Dearing

Authors of the 'Languages Review', March 2007

Some Good Guys from Sanako! (Runner up in the good-at-posing competition!) Roger extols the virtues of ALL to Bill!
Thanks Roger!
British Council Tell me more. (sorry I missed out your product name)
PGL - new corporate members keen to know how they can help you with authentic experiences abroad. David introduces our keynote speaker, David Gaddol.  His talk had us buzzing for the rest of the conference.  Must buy the book! Key final message: we must address our poor self image as language teachers.  Factor out English, and we're better than most!!!!  (We'll buy into that!) Brian Lowe, Abercorn
Volker Green - inspired and ready for action!  Kate Green. A distinguished panel
Terry coordinates the discussion
Samia Earle, SSAT. Voici une banane, Monsieur

(A Really Useful Phrase)

Chris extols the virtues of the banana (ask him .. he can really wax lyrical over this!!)
We think we must have one of the most approachable subject officers of QCA. Our CILT friends.
Vicky Wright, ALL Management Board member
René and Prim tuck into some extremely runny cheese
Tess Wilkins from Bellevue School - the fastest tracker I've ever known!  (and great company!) Liliana Hurtado - one of the newest members of ALL London's Committee.
Joe dreaming of spires. Joe and Kathy ready for dinner.



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