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ALL's annual conference

The photos on the pages linked below hopefully capture the lovely atmosphere around the conference which was thoughtfully conceived and steered by our President, David Wilson, and well managed and supported by Director Linda Parker and her team.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues from ALL's branches and networks across the country, and to put faces to the names we know through various electronic fora.  It was also a chance to put our views to the 'VIPs' who willingly accept our invitation to the conference where they can meet 'the workers' face to face! The exhibiton was, as ever, extremely useful in helping us to find the products we need.  Click here to see the packed and exciting programme we had!

As always, if you want to have your photos deleted / amended, if what I have written/shown is altogether too embarrassing/flippant/cheeky/personal for your taste, or if you have any more photos you  can send me to add, or - particularly useful - any comments / reviews of sessions to pass on (I was so busy 'mingling' that I didn't actually get to see many of the sessions, and I was told that hey were really good), please get in touch with the Webmistress.  I'd love to be able to have a record of the sessions.


Oxford University Press Reception

Prim's Party

Friday Conference

Conference Dinner

Saturday Conference



Click here to read some informal accounts of the sessions which delegates enjoyed.