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A great Jazz band provides the mood... The A(LL) team
Kate Green - you must like this photo, Kate!
Bill Musk - an excellent host Lydia Morey - successful Chair of the Japanese Committee on the eve of their annual conference.
Tess, Steven
Carmela Amodio-Johnson, Chair of the Italian Committee
Mr and Mrs Mike Zollo Great to have Christine Wilding with us this year!  And thanks for your offer of support, Christine!
Vincent Everett, member of NEC - helpfully provoking!
Roger in profile! Claire Dugard Amanda Barton, Peter Downes (so sorry we didn't get a dance, Peter!), Terry Lamb and Eva Lamb
Voici une tarte
I didn't know I looked that washed out! Mike Ullmann and Samia Earle
Mike Thunder - great to have a long chat, Mike!
Jen and David Gaddol Dunca Byrne, highly observant Chair of ISMLA who spotted that the President Elect was on the late delegates list ...!!!
David Wilson in full flow! Geoff, Karl & Chris
The highlight of the evening! Yvonne's birthday belly-dance gift to Linda! Linda + daughters have a lesson!
Another one for the Christmas letter ..!
Peter & Teresa Tinsley The Sheffield Lasses! See you in January!
Congratulations on winning the Challenge, and have a great time! So talented, you can't stop Jen singing! My hero, David Graddol, after such an inspiring, sensible and reassuring talk!
|Language World's Sean Bean? (great to meet you, Dean! - The)



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